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Letters to Karen


Letters to Karen

Here are the 142 letters to Karen. We aren't adding any more, you had your chance.

From: Nattles FrozenFeline, Washington DC

Karen, you lame, hypocritical Virgo. You are a backstabbing bitch. I personally voted you off cause you suck as a human being. This world doesn't need people like you and Brit around. AND this world does NOT revolve around you either.

Have a good time when you're out in the real world. We all think you will fry!

much love.

From: RahDigga
Karen: Get some help, hon. Even in Southern Indiana there have to be a few reputable therapists.

From: lil bro
Hey Karen,
You say you want unconditional love. yet you are so totally unloving. You let nothing slide yet you want someone to just hold you while you cry and complain. Hey I'll bet there are people all over dying for that plum job.

From: James
Karen, I think you are an idiot. I saw an interview with your husband and he seems nice to me. At lest he doesn't bad mouth you on camera. Also if I was one of your kids- I would be embarrassed to let anyone know that you are my mother.

You are without a doubt brainless when it comes to common sense. And you want to kiss or French kiss someone when you get out and you roll on the floor with Brittany like some kind of lesbian freak. You're over forty years old and you act like your are 16.

From: Marjie
You are manipulative and your behavior on the show simply abhorrent. Wait until your housemates view the tapes and see what you did while sucking the lifeblood out of many of them. Shame on you.

From: Sarah
Karen, I wish you all the best and I hope things are better for you at home after the show. Some things about you were very difficult to understand, but I have a feeling you have been severely repressed for a very long time. I hope you find happiness, Karen.

From: Sheena
You got what you deserved. You can't expect to talk about the others behind their backs in a closed environment and not have it get back to them. Learn from this experience!

From: Scotty
dear Karen,




From: Mary Ann Fowler
For all you've done and all you've said, I pray the lord won't strike you dead. Your Mother-in-law

From: Louise
Dear Karen: No matter what they say, I think you're great. I just love the show when you're on it. You are a very caring and honest person. Keep looking for love; it's out there!!!!

From: Amazon
Gossipmongering and backstabbing IS NOT A GOOD IDEA ON TV...........

From: H.Uram
Karen, You need to know that you had 2 votes each time of previous not kid yourself it was because your kids need you. Your behavior has been mean-spirited, those who voted have watched you on the net 24/7 where there was NO editing! We all hope you seek help.

From: Robh
Please do yourself a favor, just get on with your life and forget that any of this ever happened.

From: Jon

Quit whining and start dealing with your real life now.

From: Oddballer
I've never seen such a self centered psychotic, back stabbing trailer trash psycho mommy in my entire life! You miss bitch deserve everything you get-fry baby fry!

From: rdamato
NEVER have I seen a more whiny, backstabbing, high-schoolish woman than you. Nice neglect for your family too. I watch BB _exclusively_ in the hopes that you'll flip out on national TV! Now THAT would be entertainment! You DESERVE whatever you get, you loser--and then some.

From: flea
i think its hypocritical to be so offended when people vote for your nomination when A) you were not the only one to get nominated 3 times and B) you, yourself nominated other people. Don't take the rules personally.

From: Jan
Karen-you are a paranoid, backstabbing, conniving, two-faced bitch, and by the way, America did not want to know how you held your cousin's dick while he peed.

From: Mike Franz
Karen, you are an annoying psychotic freak. I hope your children die before they have a chance at further distributing your defective genes you conniving whore!

From: ukcat
I hope you will be able to watch some of the past shows so you will be able to see why you were voted out. You can't act like you did and expect to remain in the BB house. Just be glad you got to stay as long as you did.

From: Valerie
It is pretty obvious to me that you are intimidated and jealous of Cassandra for all she has accomplished in life. Yes, you have beautiful children, but you were stupid enough to marry a man who shows you no love.

From: this sucks
fuck u bitch

From: Rick
Karen, you have big gums.

From: Jeanne
Karen, you didn't get voted out because you asked to be voted out. It was because we did not like the way you talked about other people behind their backs. You need to get a clue, sweetie. & don't verbally castrate a man on national TV when he can't defend himself. 

From: Anonymous
Enjoy the divorce, succubus! Ha ha ha ha!!!

From: Lloydyboy, Sioux Falls
Getting pregnant multiple times requires no special talent. Having kids does not entitle you to everyone's love and admiration- or BB's $500G. The way you behaved in BB house, especially the way you trashed your husband on TV, was evil and pathetic.

From: PartzNZoe, NYC
Hey Karen,
I hope George takes you on a hunting "TRIP"...die bitch!.

Love, Partz

From: byebyekaren, So. Illinois
You voted to banish Curtis; where do you get off being mad at him; besides you're wrong!

From: Snoop, Washington, DC
Watching you has been torture. Torture in the sense that you are a very mentally ill person, and Big Brother did not make you that way, but it did showcase it for the country. Please get help and medication soon before you screw up your kids for life. Good Luck.

From: MrMackey_420, Tampa Bay, Florida
Karen, The only reason you were not banished in the first place is because Will played his racial card for the boot and Jordan was a cunt. Internet viewers wanted you out the first 2 days. CBS should give you some psychiatric help FAST!! I had to take valium to watch the feeds of you!!!!!

From: Jolly Roger, Australia
You've been very hateful and paranoid and should be ashamed of treating the other house guests so poorly. However, you do have gifts like your soulful laugh that are good. Reinforce the good; ditch the bad.

From: Sean, Missouri
I like you these guys are stupid. I think you are hot. When you said you wanted a kiss, I would have volunteered.

From: Spacey1 the alien, Earth
You suck. What planet are you from?

From: Anonymous
you are a sad excuse of a human being From: DMT
Head over to the psych ward of your nearest hospital immediately!!! You are too psycho for the REAL world! Oh and Karen, YOU'RE A BITCH!!!

From: Snootchi Bootchie, The Mall
Karen: One of the best ways to learn about yourself is to listen to the way other perceive you. Now the CHALLENGE for you is to take all this negative talk about you and turn it into something positive. It's never too late. Good luck, and give up the smokes. Snootchie

From: majik613
Your whining, manipulation, racism and tantrums were bad enough, but the way you lashed out at your housemates after your nomination sealed your fate!! America voted you out because of what you are, not because you should be with your kids. We voted you out because WE DON'T LIKE YOU!!!!

From: C Rushton, Texas
If you go through with the divorce your husband will be the luckiest man in the world. You are the snivelingest bitch I have ever seen!!! The idea of airing one-sided family argument son national TV is disgusting!!

From: Norman
I think you are paranoid, ugly, and need to divorce your husband. I hate your existence. Nice run.

From: April, Canada
Although the public seemed to have a terrible reaction to you, I didn't. To me you were just a woman that needed to be loved and had a lot of love to give (you were like a mother to Brittany). Your kid's should be proud to have a mother like you! Good luck.

From: Robert, Irvine, Sunny Southern California
Karen, you are a fake ass person!! If you do not like George when everyone else does, you have the problem and not he. And if you don't like him so much, why didn't you nominate him? I know, deep down inside, you want George to get deep down inside of you, huh? Admit it bitch, and I am out!

From: Glorious William, Kentucky
Well - You trash your hubbie on TV, talking about what a horrible person he is. Some things you describe him doing to your kids are flat-out abusive.

If it's true, what are you doing leaving your kids alone with him? If false, why are you spreading lies about your family on primetime TV?

From: Robert, Cincinnati, OH
Curtis didn't vote for you, Jaime did. You need to get the hell out of that house before you go insane, before you start saying too many more derogatory remarks about your husband. I would be surprised if he is not filing for divorce right now. You have definitely given him enough ammunition.

From: JerseyMan
You are either the worst mother in the world or everything out of your mouth is a lie. Either way crawl into a hole and don't come out.

From: Rachel, Morristown, NJ
Being in the house seemed stressful to you. Remember the good times, the bonding you felt with Brittany. After reading Jill's interview at my attitude towards you changed a lot. Have you considered raising chickens when you get your own place? You seemed to really enjoy them!

From: K Hater, Florida
Karen, didn't you get the idea of camera's and microphones 24/7? It means that the public, your family and eventually EACH of the other houseguests can see/hear all of your crap. If your husband's smart he's using these next few days to arrange for his attorney to meet you outside the door!!!!

From: Patrick, BC Canada
Hopefully this will be a good lesson for you, to see yourself as others see you. And in the future maybe you will THINK before you talk shit about your husband, backstab people, and embarrass yourself and your family. THINK before opening your mouth next time.

From: Rey, Michigan
Why was it such a big deal when you got nominated? Did you really think you where going to win? submit: Submit

From: Shelly, Kansas
I hope your husband is waiting for you with divorce papers when you are banished and I hope Curtis represents him

From: Tammy & Christine, New Brunswick
If you get voted out ,I hope you find what your looking for. When you find the right man to love you, you will be much more happy. I wish you the best in the future.

From: Hsawaknow, Cambridge, Mass
All of America hates you.

All of America hates you.

All of America hates you.

All of America hates you.

From: Jess, Phoenix, AZ
You're a fucking bitch.

From: Anonymous, Canada
You are the most annoying person on the show. I rather watch that whiny bitch Jordan than your sorry fat ass. Your kids must be living a nightmare. America now knows you are a back-stabbing, neurotic, high maintenance, piece of trash. I could not imagine more boring TV. You disgust me.

From: JC, : Denver, CO
Stop your damn whining! You are such a gossip that you should not be suprised at all that no one wanted you around. By the way it wasn't Curtis who nominated you dork brain. And do something about those horrid stained teeth of yours. Who'd want to kiss that -- YUCK!!!

From: SJC, Canada
Karen you made a fool of yourself. You acted so offended but seemed to forget that you had voted for two people to be banished. All that anger at who you thought had voted for you, what about who you voted for? I cannot believe people coddled you along and didn't confront you on that fact. SLC

From: Tara
You were voted out because it's painful to watch how unconsciously vindictive you are - not because you told us to banish you (yet another denial of reality). Wake up! You need more than medication. Get some therapy and please, please, promise never to go on TV again!

From: Chicka, San Francisco
Jaime is the one who nominated you, you stupid whiny bitch.

From: Margaret
Good luck to you. I hope you are able to repair the damage that has been done at home. Get some help and find happiness. I'm sure you know by now that it was Jamie who cast the third vote, not Curtis. Just remember it was a game and not personal.

From: Nunnaya, Earth
Karen... says it all! I think you should sue CBS/Endemol. Your psych testing HAD to show your instability. I think the BB people have set out to slowly drive you crazy. Gaslighting is what it's called.

From: Troy, Welcome to the Real WORLD!!
Man, we all love to not love you!!!! We used to not love Curtis, but now we say, poor Curtis!!! Shame on Karen!!!! I hope your husband finds a nice gal!!!!

From: Barry

From: Robin, Las Vegas
Karen You are the biggest back stabbing gossip ever. I can not believe you are a mother. You are an idiot and should hide under a rock in shame. I spent my money to help the house rid themselves of you. You are a sorry person and I hope you husband lives happily ever after!

From: Larry, CA
I hate you; America hates you.

From: Beth, California
Karen-I was rooting for you in the beginning. Then you changed. Why was it OK for you to nominate people, but once you got nominated you held grudges, backstabbed, gossiped, and became downright mean. Now don't you feel like an ass now that you found out JAMIE voted you out and not Curtis?

From: Hank, Los Angeles
Dear two-faced bitch, you disgust me.

I couldn't stand you from the beginning. Voting you out was not a vote of mercy.

I bet your husband doesn't like to kiss you because he's afraid you'll bite him.

Get some help and get your teeth fixed.

From: Socrates, Athens, Greece
Please don't assume that people who opt to show their ugliest side when shielded by anonymity represent humanity at its essence. The level of your courage is a matter of record. That of those who have posted here is too.

From: Stacy, Miami, Florida
You need to stop smoking and stop talking behind everyone's back. You cry and whine for nothin when the others you talked about should be whining and crying. You need to fucking think twice of what you say and do. Also Karen brush your teeth because they are SHITTIN ugly as hell.

From: Helen, Florida
You are a whiner. Playing the mother earth role just doesn't fit. You are a manipulator, and not a very good one at that. I think you are a Piranha....Go home and get your divorce.... 

From: Quizbot, Pennsyltucky
Please stop lying to yourself about who you are before it's too late. The first step to healing involves admitting to yourself what a miserable contemptuous bitch you are - AND - realizing that America voted you out because you are, in Jamie's words, "morally ugly".

From: CURT, Minnesota
Don't worry about what other people say. Keep your chin up and hang tough, you are doing great!!!

From: Kimmie, Springfield, Ohio
This is life, take it or leave it. You have made an absolute fool of yourself on national TV. You create a conflict with yourself. You are a back-stabbing bitch..

From: Mister Rogers, New York, NY
You have no one to blame but yourself. You plotted, schemed, backstabbed, etc. Then, when people (including TWO you had voted for banishment!) had THE GAUL to vote you out... you make a racist slur. Nice work. Get help

From: A.W., Mansfield, Oh
Karen, you are the most sickening excuse for a human, woman, mother I've ever seen. I hope you stay in, just to watch the torture. If you do get out the husband should greet you with goodbye whinny bitch papers. Suicide is the only honorable thing to do.

From: Elisabeth, Virginia
Karen, I hope to God you are not reading this because that means you have subjected yourself to such hateful filth. Remember that people are just reflecting their own ugliness and don't let it inside you. You have a lot of love to give, and I hope you have a happy life.

From: Dave, Canada
I know that you will refuse to admit this to yourself, but you are a hateful, shallow, self-indulgent, spiteful, and insipid person. You would have been voted out in a landslide no matter what you said. On behalf of my entire country, thank you for never appearing on TV again.

From: Melinda, West Virginia

From: Dale F., Northern Illinois
Karen, you will probably be voted out on 8/16, which is probably good for everyone involved. I think people have judged you too harshly, especially since they have not experienced what you have inside. Peace, and good fortune outside the Big Brother house. 

From: Doug, Moberly, MO.
Karen, you need some intense psychotherapy, especially the way you talk about your wonderful, devoted husband. you should be ashamed of your self. all you want to do is further your goals. marriage. of which you took solemn vow of death do you part! Now live up to it you ungrateful wretch!

From: Shadow, Michigan
Don't believe people who say to you - Hey don't take it personally it's just game. Your being voted out is completely personal. No one wants to see a lying manipulative backstabbing gossiping insufferable histrionic bitch.

You have shit in your own nest.

From: Sally, California
Jamie did it. Jamie did it. Jamie did it. Now, don't you feel like a complete fool. You are such a wretch that even the nicest person on the show wanted your ass booted off. I pity your family.

From: Jean, Lexington, KY
Karen-you do have a warm, loving & nurturing heart. Please concentrate on your good qualities: loving your kids--and get some help for your marriage and yourself. Life is wonderful just be strong and get through the clouds to the sunshine.

From: Derek, Calgary, Canada
I bet you feel pretty stupid for taking out your misery on Curtis when he didn't even vote for you. I genuinely hope you can gather your shit and be happy in the rest of your life, cuz everything can only get better after being subjected to that sadistic lab experiment that they call 'Big Brother'.

From: "V", Utah
You are pathetic. You represent the reason families fall apart. You dog your husband and you don't take any blame. You need to concentrate on being a good wife - or better yet - give your husband a real gift and give him a divorce. Then you can concentrate on your poor pathetic self!

From: Grover, LA
Please get some help. Please. For the sake of your kids. You're totally nuts.

From: Carl, A-Town PA
You are a crazy bitch. No wonder your husband doesn't want to touch you.

From: Theresa, MI
Take responsibility; Watch the feeds; YOU screwed up your life-- no one else. YOU caused whatever has happened to you in the house. Take a good look and get some professional help. Please.

From: 1908
Your behavior makes it extremely difficult to watch BB. All you do is complain about how you miss your kids, then you boo hood like a bitch after you were nominated for banishment. The first thing you should do after you are banished (and you will be banished very soon) is seek professional help!!!!

From: majik613
By the way, Jamie didn't vote for you to leave because of your kids either. You accused Cass of campaigning against you when Jamie spent the better part of a week telling George, Cass and Curtis how two-faced and ugly you are!

From: Sean L, Florida
Hi Karen,
I liked watching you on the show, and thought you did a good job. You and Cassandra were my favorites. I liked Jordan though too, I wish she would have stayed longer.

From: Sandie, Florida
Karen, go home. It will make you happy and it will really make the rest of the viewers of the show happy.

From: Christina, Singapore
Hey Karen. I'd give anything to see your reaction when you find out that Curtis wasn't the one who voted you out! (altho' he should have!)

Talk about being a horrible role-model for your kids. I've never seen anyone lose so ungraciously before.

From: D., Northern California
Here's to hoping you are outta there on Wednesday. You are one of the neurotic, self-absorbed people. How selfish of you to leave your kids especially if everything you say about their father is true. Announce your filing for divorce on TV. Gosh, I hope you're gone on Wednesday. What a whiner!!!

From: passinfanci, Chicago handled the nominations poorly. You badmouth everyone in the house and it finally caught up to you. But what bothered me most about you is how you aired your dirty laundry on national TV. You seriously need some help!! You are not a nice woman.

From: Jake, Los Angeles
Hey Karen, you got a decent bod, and back in my single days, I might have tried to fuck you. You seem like you'd be decent in bed, and hell, I might even go back for seconds. But no talking afterward, and certainly no kissing that power-smoking mouth.

From: Karen rules
if you do end up reading this just know that all of these people are just jealous of you. you are a beautiful person inside and out and I hope that even if you don't win the money you find that man that can give you that kiss. 

From: Tanya
Karen: You are off the show because we saw through your insane behaviour. You can lie to yourself that it was "for your kids" if that makes you feel better, but the truth is we intensely dislike you and didn't want you to win $500,000 as a reward for being such a needy bitch.

From: Laura, New Brunswick
Karen - NOW how are you going to finance your new fantasy life, huh ? Betcha didn't think about that before you trashed your old one on national TV... Payback can be a bitch - something you should be very familiar with. Enjoy.

From: ironmanco, Colorado Springs, CO
Everything was fine until you got nominated and then the horns came out of your head, you evil bitch. Do us all a favor and keep smoking heavily. You're so into yourself you can't see your enemies under your own nose. Speaking of noses, are you related to Jimmy Durante? Go home you psycho!!!!

From: dingo ate my baby
crazy much ?

From: A.W., Mansfield, Ohio
Karen: I had a vision. Your husband meets you outside after we kick your Mr. Ed looking ass off, with Bye bitch papers and a sign that says: Will Suck Cock For Food: There's dignity in suicide.

From: Dangerous Herbert, Toronto
For your sake, I hope your family stands behind you as you get the professional help you obviously need. Clearly, this is an emotional problem that you have had for a long time. Get help and get well.

From: Norman Bates, Bates Motel
No matter what anyone else says, I think you're a wonderful mom!

From: Dee28, Pittsburgh, PA
Karen, you are a basket case and an insult to women over 40. Did you go in the house to air your dirty laundry and humiliate your husband, or was it to promote tooth decay. I hope that you and Jamie are friends for life and please don't go anywhere smiling or without your makeup.

From: Lexie, Forest, Mississippi
I very much think you hurt your kids by telling all on TV. Did you realize it would be aired all over the world. You don't have to trash you husband on TV

From: Dead, New York City
You are a cry baby Karen and you suck big time.

From: Couch Critic, Miami, FL
Maybe Hubby would kiss you if you didn't reel of Marlboros. You self-absorbed, whiny, nicotine queen, good riddance, your 15 minutes are up.

From: Anonymous, California
Don't let all these mean messages get to you. You made mistakes, but everyone does. It isn't worth your energy being upset about a bunch of people who really don't matter anyway. I wish you luck.

From: Mary, New York, NY

You STUPID ASS............they stopped calling African Americans "colored" in the 50's and 60's. I hope your husband KICKS your BACKSTABBING ASS to the CURB!!!!

Bye, bye!

From: Chad, Las Vegas
You wont get kissed because you are ugly, stupid, ugly, gossiping all the time, ugly, rude, ugly , a bitch, ugly, two face, ugly, selfish and let us not forget, UGLY!! P.S. I agree with the guy who said you have big gums. You are a nut bar lady!

From: Art, Washington D.C.
Karen, What makes you think some would want to kiss that ashtray mouth of yours? Good luck on finding someone

From: PyscoWatcher
Although I hated the way "Mega" acted, I would have gladly voted your ass off in the first wave had you been nominated. You are a very troubled woman. Good luck on being alone for the REST OF YOUR PATHETIC LIFE!!!

From: Anonymous, Austin
Saturday you begged people to kick you off so you can be with your kids - a thinly veiled attempt at saving yourself - when you're kicked off you'll say "it's because people saw I missed my kids & sent me home." WRONG! We made up our minds LONG before you begged to go home.

From: Sara, home
Hey Karen you're cool I love ya!

From: MRBEEF, Seattle, WA
Karen, there is an Internet camera in the bathroom.

You should not wear a thong. The sight of your bare cottage-cheese ass has caused me to poke my eyes out with pencils.

From: Pieces, Hamilton, Ontario
I hope you didn't read all these hateful messages. Just remember all these people were not in that house and none of them have walked in your shoe's not all of us are so quick to judge!!!!

Good luck in life!

From: Jeff, Nashville
I SAW and HEARD you refer to Cassandra as a "spade" you miserable racist pig. THAT is why I voted for you to be banished.

The camera don't lie, honey, but you do.

From: Kim, Yellowknife, NT Canada
I really think the letters to Karen idea is cruel and mean. Yeah, she's done some pretty mean things and said a lot of shit, but just as she's hurt her kids and her husband, you people here are doing the same thing when her family reads it. Have some decency.

From: Dave, New Orleans
Karen, don't listen to these idiots. You're really a decent person who got a little stressed out in an uncomfortable situation. You didn't do anything that bad. Ignore these pinheads.

From: Jean, Canada
Karen, you know that Brittany was right when she said that the viewers would see the real you -- we saw you as the hypocritical gossipy psycho BITCH you really are!!

From: Cindy, Texas
I've never made a 1-900 call in my life, but I did after watching your reaction to your nomination. You really shouldn't air your marital problems on national TV -- that is hurting your poor children. Parents shouldn't make the other parent the bad guy when things go wrong.

From: lucky403, Canada
Karen, You need to get off my TV and into the hands of a therapist.


From: Maria, New York
Karen you are an evil racist bitch, and I hope you have fun living in your trailer park. you are an embarrassment to the female gender and your kids and I hope your husband leaves you. You have big nasty gums like Mr. Ed.


From: your neighbor, next door
We didn't let you out - WE WANTED YOU OUT - DUMBASS!! Your husband will be waiting with papers. Hope he takes your kids. See a dentist and buy a pistol - get out and STAY OUT - YOU SUCK BITCH!

From: Kim, Canada
Yes, Karen is miserable and has humiliated both her friends and family by spilling her guts on national TV. But this whole message board of cruelty isn't decent either.

From: A., Some place in the US
Hi! I think you're pretty cool actually. You're pretty funny!

From: Dwayne, Houston, Texas
if you hated your husband for so long why didn't you divorce him, you dumb bitch, all you did was mess up your kids' lives by staying with him. You are one ugly bitch, I think you will have a hard time finding someone to kiss that filthy face of yours.

From: Anonymous, Near Hartford, CT
Hope you're not expecting any alimony. All your husband's lawyer needs to do is play videos of the show to a jury and even the dumbest jury wouldn't give you a penny.

From: Kathryn, Roseville, CA
PLEASE get some professional help. Your anger is crippling to you and your children and the reason for your early nomination.

From: Amy, Albany ny
Karen, you should stop and take a hard look in the mirror before you start accusing and judging people. You are so paranoid it's unbelievable. How do you feel now that you know Curtis didn't vote for you and Jamie did? You need help!

From: Joanna, Catharpin, VA
This is the perfect opportunity for you to break free and find a life for yourself. Pay no attention to the morons on this board, and do what's right for you. It's a crappy show and forget about it.

From: The Kid, Los Angeles
Bitch, you are totally insane!!! I hope your husband gets to keep the children when you get out and sign the divorce papers!! Your children should be ashamed to have come out of your womb. You are a disgrace for television and I hope that nothing exciting comes out of Big Brother for you.

From: Riley, Arizona
A mid-life crisis on national TV is not a pretty sight, neither is verbally abusing someone who cannot defend himself Get help. Now. From: Vieve
Karen, I lost respect when you spoke of your husband in the early part of the show. Even if what you said was true, I don't feel you should have expressed it the way you did, you showed no respect for yourself.

From: Cassie, Canada
Can't WAIT for you to be gone. You are totally PYSCHO!!! You should have been booted a LONG time ago. I feel SO sorry for your soon to be X husband and kids!!

From: Whitetiger, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Karen, I can't wait until Wednesday night when you are voted out. You are a very ugly person inside and out. I can't understand why you thought you would make it to the end. YOU SUCK!!!!

From: Carrie, Edmonton, Canada
It's not just AMERICA that hates you and thinks you SUCK. Canada does too!! You are a TOTAL joke ALL OVER THE WORLD. I don't even watch the stupid show!!!

From: Jim, New Jersey
You are a bitch... nuff said...

From: Brit's friend Alicia, Minneapolis
EVERYONE has issues to deal with and should focus on helping themselves, NOT ripping apart a woman obviously broken. Its too bad the public LOVES to HATE. Good luck Karen, may your soul, spirit and self find peace after this.=) Alicia

From: G, Boston
Personally... I'm sad to see you go. Then again, I always wanted a final three of you, Mega, and Jordan. Watching you go through a complete mental meltdown... now THAT is Must-See-TV!!!

From: Carol, Columbus Ohio
You seem like a troubled woman I hope when you get out you get some counseling to help you deal with your problems i hope you and your husband can work this out , look deep into your past and you loved him once don't jump the gun.

From: Carl, L.A.
Karen, you lick. As soon your husband dumps your lame ass, you can spend the money under your mattress on dental work. That way you may attract someone besides your 14-year-old cousin. Good luck on Letterman!

From: Lynn, So. Cal
Pre-show, your family "covered" for you. Turned out to be a mistake. Watching your twisted anguish has made me cry. You face toughest time for a mom--letting go of adult kids. Hope you'll get thru it better than you've done in House.

From: Paula, Pace FL
GOOD RIDDANCE, you are a back stabbing two faced IDIOT. Racist (spades comment about Cass). 

From: Shady
Karen you suck. You are crazy and need to be put in a crazy house. I really hope you get voted off this time because you have overstayed your welcome. You are a back stabbing bitch.

From: Madison
Karen....I have never been on a message board before, this is first time.  I loved watching BB every night...then you started getting on my nerves.....more every day...I really just feel sorry for your husband and your children.  I truly do hope you watch and "see" what we see.  Only when you notice how pathetic you come across will you change anything.   And we all see that changes are necessary.  To receive LOVE you must give LOVE...selfishness has no place there.  Good Luck Karen. You will need it.

That's all folks.

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