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Episode 44 (Wednesday, August 30): Bye bye Brittany

Here's Miss_Behaviour's blow-by-blow:

BoBeQue is given the opportunity to co host from inside the
house. In order to do this she must learn the name of the banished guest and
not reveal it for the duration of the show, until asked by Julie (What WAS
Chen wearing tonight?! She crosses her legs when standing because you could
drive a truck through the gap btw her upper thighs.) .

BBQ's first assignment? Interview the person who has had the most difficult
time being nominated, she chooses Tweedledum. He assumes the jig is up, and
it a way, it might be, since the general consensus is that Tweedledum's
T'weesa did a bad thing doin' da vote dat way, 'ginst Britn'y an' so on an'
so forth.

Brittany's mom is asked about this, and she is appalled at the tactics,
considers a swayed vote to be unfair, would never consider doing such a
thing. (It's okay, I hope those who were undecided before will take the
opportunity to give a little payback next time Tweedledum is up for it. And
by the way, isn't it illegal for children to make 1 900 calls??? It's on

Dr. Drew is interviewed about the housegusts, and even though he is presumed
to be professional, he can't help a indulging a barely covered little
snicker about Tweedledum's deranged and unsettled antics.

Ignore the packing, ignore the AOL lady - cheap filler.

BBQ is asked to reveal the banished HG, no drumroll, no expression, The
banished HG is Brittany. Group hug, no big crying scenario, Brittany
stumbles down the stairs in her hobble skirt and platforms, and I'm
thinking, what if she falls - can you spell 500K lawsuit?

Brittany's mom meets her at the gate, tells her immediately that
Tweedledum's family is the reason for her ouster. We cut to TDum comforting
Josh, who doesn't look that cut up, actually, if truth be told, an' stuff
like dat.

Brittany is brought into the studio, she is cool and collected, unfazed but
surprised by what is shown on TV. Her take? 'I'm such a dork'. They then
show more: confrontations with Mega, in bed with Josh, the infamous whisper
couch, love bed, etc. This girl wears her emotions on her sleeves and her
expressions reveal her going through it all over again, including the
quivering underlip in the more emotional scenes - sort of like backwoods
folk who can't tell the difference btw movies and reality. She now says 'I'm
so pathetic.'

In any case, and my aversion to her pseudo virginity/twittering inanity
inside the BBH, she is the most objective of all the HG's to date and views
the experience clearly -> 'In real life we have appointments, dentist,
whatever, but in the house one thing becomes the focus, there are no

It wasn't her time to go, yet, but she may ride the waves best, including
the dislike which she provoked in her love/hate publicity ride.


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