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Reader mail on the new season (7/10/03):

Big Brother is the evil of the world.  It's a show, as most reality TV shows are, based on entertaining you by watching people bitch at each other and slut themselves out for an hour, and two hours when it's the season finale.  Plus, it's propaganda to get people accustomed to being on camera, so we can be watched all our lives, every move we make, it's in the NAME of the show for Christ's sake.

Truly pathetic, America gets dumber every time they watch. - J, 24, Chicago

The X Curse (7/9/03)

The real question is how could they maneuver 5 exes into the same house without anyone knowing. I will suspend disbelief. Good luck to you in doing the same.

Even if they did keep it a secret, they had to lower their standards big-time. What was important was finding 5 couples, not finding 10 interesting and/or attractive people for the show. Huge trade-off. They're betting the dynamic of the exes will overcome the poor casting...

The bikini stuff has begun already. It's like an episode of Howard Stern, put on the bikini and prance about. Then wrestle in jello. Previous years they were more attractive and appealing. This year they've just coached them to talk about how sexy they each other is, in the hope that we might believe it...

Even more reader mail!

To the webmaster....a bit of advice.....Did you know people use filth when they are not smart enough to use anything else?  You're pithetic! [sic] Believe me being pithetic [sic] is the worse thing you can be too!  You are really showing your intelligence on this web site (NOT!) 

Hey Webmaster!  Where are you going on vacation at?  Would it be LOSER ISLAND?  They need to start a show about you!  It should be BIG LOSER 2000!  It will be all about how pithetic [sic] you are!!!!!!

More reader mail!

What is wrong with you? Do you not have a soul? Are you the Devil or what?  I can't believe you are knocking Karen as you are!  There may be a lot of people that do not like Karen as a person.  I'm sure there are a lot of people who do not like your own mother as a person.  There is no excuse to talk about her in the way that you have and hurt her children the way you have.  Put yourself in the kid's place how would you feel?  They are innocent victims in this whole mess and you are hurting them and allowing other people to hurt them with your tasteless message boards.  

Reader Mail

You are the dumbest idiot I've ever met in my life. I mean what the hell is your site about, Big Brother or your dumb ass miserable life. If your life is so miserable there are several ways to end it you know. Hanging, jumping of a cliff, slashing your wrists just to mention a few. Any of these horrible deaths would make me happy especially the jumping of the cliff part. If you want to make a site about show do it right you stupid cock. Ands what's up with the anal sex thing  I came to find out about Big Brother not your lesbian girlfriend. Next time you make a site do it right.

Who we are (7/5/00)

We are devoted to explaining the why and how of Big Brother: why it sucks, and how much. As America's collective mind rots away night-by-night, we'll be there to shine the light of reason, and contempt, on this monstrosity.

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